Mission Meals at Highland Community Church

Christ Community Church will be preparing and serving mission meals at our sister church, Highland Community Church, on Sunday, July 31, and again on Sunday, August 14. We are inviting CCC community groups, or any teams to take lead on these opportunities.

We have a leader to head the teams for breakfast on the 31st, but there are still openings for leaders for lunch on the July 31 and breakfast and lunch on the August 14.

Basic schedule:

On both Sundays we will be responsible for breakfast and lunch meals. In addition there is an opportunity to do a devotional at breakfast (with praise/worship).

Highland feeds approximately 70 people for breakfast (serving at 9:30 am) and 150 for lunch.  These numbers are not counting volunteers from Christ Community Church!

This has proven to be an awesome time in the past and no doubt it will be even more so on these upcoming dates. Interested? Questions? Want to Volunteer? Please email outreach@ccclive.org.

Be Blessed!
Derrick Shields

Derrick Shields

Derrick Shields, LIVE Pastor-Christ Community Church


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